CLP takes a look at some of the exhibitors participating in the Clinical Laboratory Management Association’s ThinkLab ’06 Conference and Exhibition, which takes place March 18–21 in Charlotte, NC.

Advanced Instruments Inc

 The Advanced® Model 3320 Micro-Osmometer is an automated, single-sample osmometer that is designed to process a 20-µL sample. The Model 3320 is ideally suited for clinical and industrial applications where sample quantity is limited.
     The Model 3320 employs the industry-preferred freezing-point method, and the technology has proven to be robust and dependable over 50 years of worldwide use in clinical and industrial laboratories. The Model 3320 requires only a 20-µL sample and is perfectly suited for applications where a limited sample quantity is available. The process occurs through aspirating 20 µL of sample into the sampler tip, placing the sampler in the horizontal cradle, and sliding forward. Testing begins automatically, and results are displayed in approximately 60 seconds. By automating the test process through its menu-driven display, the Model 3320 eliminates user and repeatability errors, resulting in superior performance. The instrument’s two-line display provides test results, user prompts, error messages, and self-diagnostics. The computer interface allows for the analysis and collection of data for reporting.

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Carolina Liquid Chemistries

 Carolina Liquid Chemistries, known for its quality reagents for use on Beckman Synchron® instruments, introduces a line of reagents for use on Dade Dimension® AR, RxL, and Xpand™ chemistry analyzers. Products for use on Dade Dimension include: hsCRP, Direct HDL, Direct LDL, and Homocysteine (HCY). Carolina’s hsCRP Wide Range (.9–160 mg/L) is liquid ready-to-use, stable for 14 days, and stable for 30 days onboard. The HCY reagent eliminates sample splitting by allowing the Dimension user to run HCY on the same instrument as Lp(a), hsCRP, direct HDL, and other lipid tests. Carolina Liquid Chemistries continues to develop new tests for the Dade Dimension chemistry analyzers.

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SCC Soft Computer

 SCC Soft Computer’s laboratory information system (LIS) solution (SoftLab) provides quantifiable improvements in clinical outcomes, workflow efficiencies, and return on investment. Its advanced integration capabilities and multisite functionality enable SoftLab to be used in a wide variety of clinical laboratory settings, including leading university and teaching facilities. Utilization management, medical-necessity checking with advanced beneficiary notices, specimen tracking, call lists, and comprehensive report management are all provided to create improvements in the efficiency and quality of laboratory services. SoftLab is a premier LIS that helps clients reach top productivity in the laboratory environment. It provides health care facilities with full multisite consolidation, flexible patient and management reporting, and specimen tracking. SoftLab is built on the latest third-generation client/server architecture. This includes common object request broker architecture (CORBA), which promotes enterprise-wide connectivity and allows for the incorporation of new technologies. Through PUSH technology, information displayed on screen is updated automatically in real time, making new, critical patient data instantly available.

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Antek HealthWare

 Antek HealthWare has introduced the LabDAQPrism Laboratory Information System, the newest addition to the spectrum of LabDAQ solutions. Antek has installed more than 1,800 LabDAQ systems in the last 15 years in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ office laboratories (POLs), and other facilities. LabDAQPrism is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, and larger testing facilities. Innovation, continued product improvement, ease of use, and work-flow management are hallmarks of LabDAQPrism. The system is easy to navigate, flexible in design, and dynamic in use. Some of the features of LabDAQPrism include insurance filtering, medical-necessity software, a database microbiology module, a dynamic management review module, standing orders, distribution of results via email, and Web-based ordering and results. HL7 interfaces to supporting communications with other software systems within the health care environment, such as electronic medical records (EMR), practice-management systems (PMS), and hospital information systems (HIS), are also included. Bi-directional interfaces to regional and national reference labs are also available for LabDAQPrism.

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Iris Sample Processing

 The need for faster turnaround times and greater throughput can now be met with StatSpin’s Express 3 primary tube centrifuge. The fixed-angle rotor holds as many as eight blood tubes from 1.5 mL to 10 mL. The Express 3 can be placed next to any laboratory analyzer for stat chemistry, cardiac, or coagulation testing. Plasma or serum is obtained in as few as 2 minutes. The system is simple to use, and the small footprint frees up bench space so it can be used at the workstation. Tube inserts are available to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes. The powerful brushless motor is maintenance-free and backed with a 2-year warranty.

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 Wescor now offers its Model 7150 Aerospray hematology slide stainer and cytocentrifuge. The stainer offers user-control label-staining routines, plus powerful custom-staining options by combining advanced staining technology with alcohol-based stains. The Aerospray stainer provides nine intensity settings for each of the three set programs, plus a custom staining option that is responsive to a wide range of staining requirements. Aerospray is the ideal stainer for stats, and it can handle heavy loads with a throughput of more than 120 slides per hour. The stainer also helps laboratories reduce reagent cost by mixing reagents together and applying them to individual slides in the carousel as an atomized spray.

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David G Rhoads Associates Inc

 EP Evaluator™, Release 7 (EE7), is a leading method-validation software package for clinical laboratories in the United States and Canada. It meets all CLIA ’88, CAP, and JCAHO requirements for the introduction of new methods, as well as the recurring semiannual validation of existing methods. Up to 23 modules are included, which do statistical analyses of a test method’s properties, such as Accuracy, Precision, Reference Intervals, Reportable Range, Sensitivity, Method Comparison, Interference, and Carryover. Two Lab Management modules are also included: Cost Per Test and Incident Tracking (as in lab errors or lab incidents). EE7 is available in formats suitable for many types of users, such as hospital and reference labs, POLs, IVD, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The program is available in single PC and network versions, and it may be downloaded from and installed on your own PC for a free 14-day trial. Materials shipped with each new order include a CD-ROM, the EP Evaluator User’s Manual, and David Rhoads’ Lab Statistics Fun and Easy book (2nd edition).

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DenLine Uniforms Inc

 DenLine Uniforms Inc, manufacturer of DenLine Protection Plus® Splash & Spray Resistant Lab Coats, now offers its lab coats in four colors: royal blue, ceil blue, green, and white. Colors may be useful for departmental identity, to help ensure coats being worn in the laboratory are not used on the patient floor, and to assist the laundry in returning the coats to the proper department. DenLine Royal Colored Coats dissipate ink stains when laundered per the manufacturer’s recommendations, extending the useful life of the coats. DenLine Protection Plus Lab Coats are designed to comply with OSHA Directive(s) 2-2.44D. They are fluid-resistant against blood and OPIM. Additionally, the coats are breathable, comparable to cotton/polyester, anti-static, and stain resistant. Styles of coats available include unisex and full cut A-line design. The full cut design (style DL151BJ, pictured) provides better top of leg protection when the wearer is seated and overall improved worker comfort. Sizes XS through 5XL are available. The lab coats have been tested fluid resistant through 225 hot water washes, making the coats a lower cost per wash than cotton/polyester.

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 Cardiasure cardiac-marker controls monitor serum cardiac analyte testing methods. A new feature will include the addition of BNP, proBNP, and NT-proBNP. It is compatible with most major chemistry analyzers, including AIA®, AxSYM®, ACS:180®, Access®, Dimension®, Elecsys®, Stratus®, Synchron®, and TOSOH A/A. This product has a liquid, human-serum matrix, comes with full 3-year frozen stability, and can be refrozen three times. It is available at four levels with a 90-day unopened and a 60-day open vial stability when stored at 2–8°C, and it is packaged in a dropper-tip plastic bottle for ease of use. A comparative quality control program, Quantrol™, available for Quantimetrix products, provides labs with free monthly reports to monitor test performance and trend analysis.

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Roche Diagnostics Corp

 The MODULAR® PRE-ANALYTICS PLUS system by Roche offers extended sorting functionality for all sample types with the new presorting sample sorter (PSS) and flexible sample sorter (FSS) modules. For those labs wishing to “in lab” all sample types, including hematology and coagulation, the MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS PLUS system offers scalability by adding a PSS before centrifugation. A FSS post centrifugation delivers easy transfer of daughter tubes or fast archiving of primary samples. Using multiple trays and 15 operator-definable targets, these modules provide a high level of flexibility. With sorting speeds of 300 tubes per hour, the MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS PLUS System achieves the level of predictability and service delivery needed in today’s fast-paced laboratory. MODULAR is a trademark of Roche.

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