The Phospholipids B test assay kit utilizes an in vitro enzymatic colorimetric methodology in a simple, one-step, direct determination with high specificity. In the company’s enzymatic method, phospholipids in serum or plasma are hydrolyzed to free choline by phospolipase D. In the presence of choline oxidase and peroxidase, the free choline is then estimated colorimetrically by taking advantage of the color reaction with phenol and 4-animoantipyrine at 505 nm.

The Phospholipids B assay has a within-run precision of 1.3% CV and 1.4% CV for mean concentrations of 132 mg/dL, 228 mg/dL, and 324 mg/dL, respectively. The assay’s linear range is 0–1,000 mg/dL. There is no significant interference from bilirubin, hemoglobin, heparin, ammonium oxalate, and EDTA.

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