photoThe Start 8 semi-automated benchtop analyzer for medium-volume batch co-agulation testing can be used as a back up to optical systems, or for replacing less precise, more manual systems.
     The electro-mechanical method of clot detection senses changes in sample viscosity, which can eliminate endpoint interference from lipemic or icteric samples. The analyzer features eight measurement channels and four independently timed incubation stations consisting of 32 wells. The electronically linked multiple pipettor helps improve precision, and an on-board microprocessor with LCD, internal printer and reagent lot number tracking enhances the operator friendliness of this analyzer.
     Programmable and pre-programmed applications, including calibration curve storage, make this unit convenient to use and cost efficient to operate. It also can be used to perform Fibrinogen, Lupus Anticoagulant, Protein S and Protein C clotting assays.
Diagnostica Stago
keyword: co-ag, benchtop analyzer