productsThe ReLIA system is a patented, multidisciplinary immunochemistry analyzer that generates results in minutes.
     Encased in a nine-inch-by-five-inch desktop box, the analyzer is self-monitoring and requires no calibration, special training, maintenance or field service.
     The system provides printed reports and completes up to 20 quality control checks to help ensure only valid results are reported. Each of the ReLIA-reagent test strips are self-calibrating and barcoded for referencing assay-specific menu-driven instructions.
     The system can run both qualitative and quantitative assays with precision, accuracy and reliability. At clinical decision points, the qualitative tests have a coefficient of variation (CV) of about 12% and quantitative tests have less than 10% CV across multiple industry standards. With Internet connectivity, original data can be transmitted anywhere it is needed.
     Hypothyroidism and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) testing is the first disease application targeted for the analyzer. The test can be performed in about 20 minutes.
Praxis Biosystems Inc.
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