Polymedco Inc has introduced a new, FDA-cleared automated dry-chemistry analyzer. The SPOTCHEM™ EZ analyzer manufactured by ARKRAY Inc is a compact system that enables physicians to perform routine chemistry testing in their own labs rather than sending samples out to reference labs. The SPOTCHEM EZ was designed for labs that are not large enough to support a full-size chemistry instrument.
     SPOTCHEM EZ eliminates costly waste by utilizing stable test strips rather than liquid reagents. The easy-to-use analyzer is electronically calibrated. It processes whole-blood specimens, which is a convenience for patients and users. It can run multiple tests simultaneously, reducing the time necessary to process patient results.
     The SPOTCHEM EZ’s initial launch menu includes lipids and diabetes tests. This allows physicians to conveniently monitor the success of their patients’ courses of therapy during an office visit. By utilizing both the lipid panel and the liver function tests, a physician is able to assess cholesterol-reduction therapy, while the glucose and fructosamine tests allow the doctor to assess a patient’s diabetic status. In the coming months, complementary assays for routine chemistry testing will be released for the SPOTCHEM EZ analyzer. These include tests for albumin, amylase, calcium, CK, creatinine, GGT, LDH, magnesium, phosphorous, total bilirubin, total protein, BUN, and uric acid. These tests will be available individually and in a panel format.

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