Advanced Instrument Inc’s Model 3320 Osmometer surpasses previous standards of performance for freezing-point measurement, according to Ken Micciche, director of marketing for Advanced Instruments. The instrument has been completely redesigned in a low-profile, compact enclosure for easy access to the sample probe and solenoid assembly. Its simple architecture eliminates sample errors, simplifies testing, and promotes maintenance-free operation.
     Other Model 3320 features include:

  • 60-second testing time;
  • bar-code capability for improved documentation;
  • electronic storage and retrieval of up to 30 tests and calibration data;
  • onboard statistical analysis for mean, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation;
  • multiple language capability;
  • data export capability for linking to an external computer; and
  • downloadable software upgrades.

A wide range of customer feedback was considered to make the Model 3320 an impressive, state-of-the-art solution for freezing-point measurement, according to Micciche. “This osmometer is ideal for clinical and diagnostic laboratories seeking greater control and accuracy, minimal downtime, and higher productivity,” he says.

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