A new blood gas system from Radiometer uses a combination of automation, information, and sampler technology to help increase patient and operator safety and reduce errors and time spent on blood gas testing. The system, 1st automatic, has three elements: the prebar-coded safePICO sampler, the FLEXQ automated sample-handling module (available on the ABL800 analyzer), and the FLEXLINK software (510(k) approval pending).

With the FLEXLINK software, operators can scan or enter their badge ID, the prebar-coded safePICO sampler, and the patient ID. The software links and stores these three critical identifiers at the bedside, reducing the risk of incorrect sample and patient identification. Once the sampler is placed on the FLEXQ module, the analyzer recognizes the unique sampler bar code and retrieves all information associated with it.

Because they are fully automated, 1st automatic blood gas measurements are faster and less error-prone. Up to three samples can be placed on the FLEXQ module. Once identified, each sample is automatically mixed and measured, and the correctly identified result is then made available to caregivers on their platform of choice: PDA, patient monitor, information system, or the analyzer itself.

To help increase operator safety, Radiometer’s new safePICO arterial sampler has an onboard safety device featuring single-handed operation for safe removal of needles. In addition, the tip cap quickly expels all air bubbles, sealing the sample and ensuring that operators are not in contact with patient blood. The sampler also comes with an integrated device to provide faster and more thorough sample mixing.

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