photoThis company has released a software upgrade to enhance instrument performance for its Synchron LX20 and LX 4201 clinical chemistry analyzers.
      The Synchron LX software version 2.0 — also featured on the new Synchron LX Pro clinical system — adds a number of capabilities, including automatic critical sample rerun for tests that fall within a critical range defined by the operator.
     The software offers the option of default panel testing which allows the instrument to query the host when a sample is loaded. If no programming is received in two-and-a-half minutes, a default panel will run automatically on the sample.
     In addition, version 2.0 downloads chemistry updates via modem and notifies the operator that a system update has been received. Other improvements include: QC enhancements such as automatic analysis of chemistries defined for a control when a specimen for that control is loaded; extended calibration recall, with up to five previous calibrations for a specific chemistry; full password protection; notepad screen to document maintenance procedures; and modified algorithms to calculate serum index. The algorithms reduce cross-interference among indices. A zero level has been added for all three indices.
Beckman Coulter Corp.
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