photoUsing these personalized molecular biology universal reagent kits helps avoid the risk of cross contamination in large, busy laboratories. The pre-mixed solutions include those most commonly used in molecular biology labs.
     Each kit contains 25 ml of the following reagents: Tris (1M, pH 7.0), Tris (1M, pH 8.0), TE (100x, pH 8.0), MgCl2(1M), NaCl (5M), KCI (1M), NaOH (2N), Sodium Acetate (3M, pH 5.2), Potassium Acetate (3M), Ammonium Acetate (3M), EDTA (0.5M, pH 8.0) and SDS (10%).
     The kit is supplied in a portable storage box which can be personalized with the user’s name, dates and contents of the kit. Each lot is quality tested and certified free from DNase and RNase.
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