Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduced a number of new products during the Clinical Lab Expo at the AACC conference.

Thermo Fisher announced that its new Thermo Scientific QMS Tacrolimus immunoassay has been CE marked for sale in the European Union. The liquid, ready-to-use immunoassay provides bar-coded reagents to run on the Thermo Scientific Indiko bench-top chemistry analyzer. The product is not yet available for sale in the United States.

The company also introduced a new generation of its Indiko platform, the Thermo Scientific Indiko Plus analyzer. Featuring the same design as its predecessor, the Indiko Plus analyzer is designed to deliver higher throughput for routine clinical research applications, including drugs-of-abuse testing and therapeutic drug monitoring.

In addition, Thermo Fisher introduced immunoassay and chemistry controls that improve the clinical laboratory workflow by concentrating the number of analytes in a single vial. The new Thermo Scientific MAS Omni·CORE control consolidates general chemistry and serum protein quality control (QC) processing into a single solution that offers different levels of testing to streamline the workflow and reduce cost. The company’s new Thermo Scientific MAS Omni·Immune immunoassay control consolidates routine immunoassay, tumor marker and specialty immunoassay QC processing.