Life Technologies Corp, Carlsbad, recently announced its acquisition of Navigenics, Inc, a company that develops and commercializes genetics-based products and services.

Navigenics’ multidisciplinary expertise, including its technology infrastructure, user interfaces, online platforms, and genomic support services, will play a central role in the delivery of Life Technologies’ molecular diagnostic model. The company’s CLIA-certified laboratory, licensed throughout the United States, will be employed for design and validation of new diagnostics assays.  Life Technologies plans to develop and offer lab-developed tests as well as commercialized assays that have been approved by FDA and other regulatory authorities. Life will also continue to build partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for companion diagnostic development, including participating in clinical trials, which is enabled by the CLIA lab acquisition.

Life Technologies is also currently developing diagnostic tests across multiple platforms. In October 2011, Life Technologies announced a partnership to develop a companion diagnostic for GlaxoSmithKline’s MAGE-A3 cancer immunotherapy. Life Technologies also has an assay development partnership with Gen-Probe, and recently announced collaborations with Boston Children’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto to develop the company’s next generation sequencers for clinical research in pediatric diseases.