Laboratorium Pathologie Oost-Nederland (LabPON), Hengelo, Netherlands, will deploy Philadelphia-based Proscia’s Concentriq platform. In transitioning to Concentriq, LabPON gains added flexibility to scale its routine digital pathology operations as the total number of worldwide cancer cases continues to rise. This includes establishing the software infrastructure for later implementing computational applications leveraging artificial intelligence to further improve diagnostic quality and efficiency.

Laboratories are increasingly shifting to digital pathology to overcome the manual and subjective nature of today’s microscope-based standard of care, and more recently, to maintain operations in the face of covid-19. As a part of this digital transformation, they are implementing a complex ecosystem of hardware and software solutions to address the end-to-end pathology workflow. 

LabPON, one of the earliest adopters of digital pathology in clinical practice, has recognized the need for a secure, enterprise-class platform with best-of-breed interoperability to centralize its routine pathology operations and address its current and future requirements. It has chosen Proscia’s CE-IVD certified Concentriq Dx platform to serve as the foundation for expanding its practice with the freedom to choose the best components of an integrated digital pathology ecosystem.

“Proscia’s Concentriq will grow with our laboratory by enabling us to rapidly deploy innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our team,” says Rycolt Hamoen, director of LabPON. “We rigorously evaluated multiple enterprise imaging platforms and chose Concentriq because it gives us full flexibility and infinite scalability with its truly open approach,” adds Pieter van der Vorm, lead pathologist for the evaluation of novel technologies at LabPON.

A unified image and data management platform, Concentriq is used by top reference laboratories and health systems to intuitively view, manage, and analyze whole slide images at an enterprise scale. The software works with leading scanners, laboratory information systems (LIS), and image analysis applications, offering seamless integrations with Philips, Leica, 3DHISTECH, and Hamamatsu, among other solutions. The platform is also designed to enable AI applications for delivering meaningful quality, efficiency, and productivity gains.

“We are excited to have found a highly nimble and innovative partner in Proscia,” says Alexi Baidoshvili, clinical pathologist at LabPON. “With Concentriq, we will continue to transform our practice with digital pathology while we chart our future course in computational pathology to unlock even more value from our data.”

Designed to enable AI applications, Concentriq provides LabPON with the software infrastructure for realizing the promise of pathology’s computational future. In the first phase of its journey, LabPON will use the platform to validate the efficacy of Proscia’s AI applications and generate clinical and economic evidence on their ability to achieve their intended purposes. LabPON will also collaborate with Proscia on the development of computational applications by creating de-identified data sets to be used in training algorithms. It can then deploy these applications, along with other third-party solutions, on Concentriq to expand the breadth of diagnostic information available to its team.

“AI holds tremendous promise in transforming the standard of care,” says Arun Ananth, executive vice president, global growth, at Proscia. “We look forward to working with LabPON, a laboratory at the forefront of digital, and now computational, pathology to optimize its operations and deliver accurate, timely results to its patients.”

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Featured image: A pathologist uses the Concentriq digital pathology platform to examine a whole slide image of a biopsy. (Courtesy: Proscia)