PixCell Medical, Yokneam Ilit, Israel, has partnered with Triolab, the largest diagnostics distributor in the Nordic and Baltic countries, to be the sole distributor in Sweden of the HemoScreen, PixCell’s hematology analyzer designed for use at the point of care.

“PixCell’s HemoScreen brings lab-quality haematology results closer to the patient, making it possible to analyze Complete Blood Count (CBC) with the five-part differential at a patient’s bedside, without the skills of a biomedical scientist, which is a prerequisite for traditional haematology,” says Johan Snis, sales manager of Triolab. “We have already seen evidence of how this can increase patient safety, enhance the patient experience by shortening the time spent in accident and emergency departments, and give great support to the doctors in primary care to make the right decision quicker. This is all possible due to the low quality control, maintenance-free, all-in-one cartridge system.”

HemoScreen, developed by PixCell Medical, is the only 5-part differential Complete Blood Count analyzer that is both FDA cleared and CE marked for point-of-care use. Including a disposable cartridge with all necessary reagents, the HemoScreen requires no maintenance or calibration and does not need to be operated by a medically trained professional. With one drop of blood and within six minutes, the HemoScreen delivers CBC results with 20 standard CBC parameters.

“The benefits of having rapid and reliable hematological test results at the point of care have been widely demonstrated to support physicians in clinical decision making in a variety of settings, from the ICU to oncology wards and in recent times, at field hospitals established for covid patient monitoring,” says Avishay Bransky, PhD. “Sweden has been a pioneer in the adoption of innovative technologies and is repeatedly at the forefront of scientific advancements. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide healthcare professionals with the tools to make faster clinical decisions by decreasing delays between sample collection and test results of the most essential blood tests.”

Triolab Group is the largest independent distributor of in vitro diagnostic in the Nordics and Baltics.

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