Paige, a global provider of end-to-end digital pathology solutions and clinical AI applications that assist in diagnosing cancer, announced an expansion of its AppLab marketplace, with the addition of six new digital pathology and AI providers. 

New applications from these companies, including Imagene, Histofy, Aiosyn, Clinsight, DoMore Diagnostics, and Stratipath*, will be added to the AppLab to provide support for pathology labs worldwide in building deeply integrated and customized AI-enabled workflows, the company says.

The Paige AppLab is a comprehensive marketplace where pathologists can browse, trial, and purchase a robust set of diagnostic support tools from various providers that can be then accessed in the Paige Platform and FullFocus viewer to support each unique step of cancer diagnosis. The AppLab delivers full vendor-neutrality and flexibility to ensure labs are equipped with all the insights they need—from Paige or other partners—to efficiently meet the unique needs of their patients, now and in the future.

The newly introduced applications seek to unlock advanced AI-powered capabilities such as biomarker detection from H&E-stained slides, assistance with the grading and assessment of cancer across tissue types, risk-stratification, and more. Paige has worked closely with each AppLab vendor to ensure their technology is seamlessly integrated into the Paige Platform to simplify AI adoption and propel the practice of digital pathology forward.

“We are excited to be part of Paige’s AppLab which ensures seamless and easy integration of AI solutions for end users. This is critical to bring innovation in the field forward,” says Torbjørn Furuseth, co-founder and CEO of DoMore Diagnostics. “Paige will be a key partner as we continue to push the boundaries to personalize cancer treatment with our Histotype Px digital biomarkers.”

Nasir Rajpoot, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Histofy, added, “Paige AppLab allows Histofy a very exciting route for putting our groundbreaking AI solutions in the hands of a rapidly increasing number of pathologists and researchers using the Paige Platform. We are excited at the prospect of delivering our AI tools to market through Paige.”

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Paige says it is committed to arming pathologists with the highest-quality products. Each new application can be trusted to work alongside Paige tools and applications to offer one powerful guidance engine that truly unlocks the full potential of digital pathology and AI.

“We are excited to welcome these six additional industry-leading digital pathology vendors to the Paige AppLab. Their partnership serves as a testament to the innovative and cutting-edge technology Paige is built upon,” says Jill Sue, vice president of Product, Paige. “With these vendor additions, the Paige AppLab serves as the one-stop-shop for all digital pathology needs.”

If you are interested in accessing the AppLab, have an application you’d like to add to the marketplace or are using an application you wish to see made available in your workflow, request a demo to be directly connected with a member of the Paige team, the company says.

*Stratipath breast is CE-IVD marked for clinical use