photoThis company has released six four-color MultiTest reagents for research use in the immunophenotyping of naïve/memory T-cell subsets and activated T cells in flow cytometry. These reagents are of particular interest to investigators in the area of HIV/AIDS immunology and treatment.
   The recently added combinations for naïve/memory T-cell studies are MultiTEST CD45RA/CD62L/CD3/CD4; MultiTEST CD45RA/CD62L/CD3/CD8; MultiTEST CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4; and MultiTEST CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD8. MultiTEST CD4/CD38/CD3/anti-HLA-DR and MultiTEST CD8/CD38/CD3/anti-HLA-DR are available for use in studies of activated T cells.
   These premixed reagents are in ready-to-use combinations of four monoclonal antibodies, each recognizing a different leukocyte cell-surface marker and used for immunophenotyping of lymphocyte subsets in whole blood. Use of four different colored fluorochromes, fluroescein isothiocyanate (FITC), phycoerythrin (PE), peridinin chlorophyll protein (PerCP), and allophycocyanin (APC), differentiate the antibody markers.
   Like the original IVD MultiTest reagent combinations, CD3/CD8/CD45/CD4 and CD3/CD16+CD56/CD45/CD19, the research combinations can provide more answers per tube compared to two- or three-color reagents. BD Biosciences