The Dynabeads mRNA Direct Micro kit is a microscale kit for isolation of mRNA directly from cells, plant and animal tissue for RT-PCR amplification. The kit provides a fast way to combine poly A+RNA isolation and RT-PCR. It is designed to isolate highly purified and intact mRNA from small numbers of cells and small tissue samples. The isolated mRNA can be used directly in RT-PCR amplification without eluting the mRNA from the beads.
   Direct isolation is performed in 15 minutes without preparing total RNA or performing other purification steps. The oligo (dT)25 bound to the Dynabeads surface is used both to capture the mRNA and as a primer for the reverse transcriptase of first strand cDNA.
   The patented Dynabeads solid phase cDNA synthesis technology is compatible with several commercially available cDNA synthesis kits. The combination of direct mRNA isolation using Dynabeads Oligo (dT)25 and one-tube RT-PCR is a system for fast RT-PCR detection. The kit also can be used for screening large numbers of cell clones for their expression of any gene. Dynal