Agilent Technologies announced an agreement with Incyte that will bring together Agilent’s expertise and track record in the development of companion diagnostics (CDx) to support the development and commercialization of Incyte’s hematology and oncology portfolio.

The value of the companion diagnostics market is predicted to expand to nearly $14 billion by 2030,1 driven in part by the power of these tests to inform treatment decisions for a growing range of cancers and other chronic diseases. Developed for use with targeted therapeutics, companion diagnostics are used to evaluate the expression of biomarkers and identify patients that are likely to benefit from treatment with the targeted therapeutic products.

The agreement between Agilent and Incyte allows the companies to collaborate on CDx development programs, the companies say. This will enable Agilent to continue to expand its companion diagnostics portfolio with novel biomarkers and Incyte to leverage Agilent’s expertise in IVD assay development, global regulatory approvals, and commercialization to support clinical trials as well as the potential registration and commercialization of CDx in the United States and Europe.

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“Leveraging the power of companion diagnostics, we are strategically transforming the treatment paradigm for a broad spectrum of cancers,” says Paul Beresford, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Companion Diagnostics Division. “By working together, Agilent and Incyte hope to expedite the development of innovative precision medicine products, potentially paving the way for enhanced patient health outcomes.”

This year, Agilent celebrates the 25th anniversary of HercepTest, a tool for assessing HER2 expression in breast cancers. Since the launch of HercepTest, Agilent has introduced several additional CDx tests. Among these, the PDL-1 IHC 22C3 franchise has been particularly successful, offering a continually expanding range of tests for assessing PDL-1 expression.

“Agilent’s expertise in the development of companion diagnostics is impressive, as is their regulatory and commercialization record,” says Jeff Jackson, group vice president of Translational Medicine at Incyte. “We are excited about the collaboration and look forward to working together to innovate in support of patients.”


1. Source: Companion Diagnostics Market Size USD 13.74 Billion by 2030