Biological Safety Cabinet

Advanced internal airflow and motor technology

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, Mass, announced its 1300 Series A2 Class II biological safety cabinet. With advanced internal airflow and motor technology, the cabinets offer safety, ergonomics, and energy efficiency. To conserve energy, the intelligent speed control automatically reduces blower speed to 30% when the window is closed. The technology extends HEPA filter life while ensuring a sterile working environment. Noise output has been reduced to <63 dB(A) (4-foot model). In addition, a microprocessor control displays essential operational, safety, and service data.

The patented front window of the cabinet drops within its frame to enable full access to the upper inside window surfaces. All removable components, including the HEPA filters, can be changed from the front. Smooth components are used throughout the cabinet, reducing the risk of injury during routine cleaning, servicing, and maintenance procedures. The optional UV light is programmable from 1 hour to 24 hours, reducing the need for bulb replacement.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(866) 984-3766

Verax Platelet PGD

New rapid bacteria test

Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Park, Ill, will distribute the Verax Platelet PGD, a first-generation, single-use, rapid, qualitative immunoassay that detects bacteria in human platelets. The test, designed to detect the presence of bacterial contamination in platelets before transfusion, is currently being evaluated in clinical trials.

The test targets antigens found on all species of bacteria known to be pathogenic to humans, and will provide results in less than 30 minutes.

Verax Biomedical filed for 510(k) marketing approval with the FDA in early 2007. The test is based on Verax Biomedical’s proprietary Pan Genera Detection technology, which targets common antigens found on the surface of all species of bacteria known to be pathogenic to humans.

Abbott Diagnostics
(800) 323-9100

Acetylcholine Receptor

Autoantibody ELISA test kit

Kronus Inc, Boise, Idaho, announced its new, nonisotopic ELISA test kit for the detection and measurement of antibodies to the acetylcholine receptor (AChRAb). The measurement of AChRAb is useful in the differential diagnosis and management of myasthenia gravis (MG), a neuromuscular disorder that results from a disruption of normal nerve-to-muscle signal transmission. AChRAb are present and measurable in approximately 80% to 90% of MG patients. As with the company’s other AChRAb products, this new ELISA utilizes an optimally balanced mixture of affinity purified fetal and adult-type AChR preparations, resulting in diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

Kronus Inc
(800) 457-6687

Fiber-Lite DC950H

Machine vision fiber optic illuminator

Dolan-Jenner Industries, Boxborough, Mass, introduces the improved Fiber-Lite DC950H Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator for machine vision integrators. The product is a 150-watt quartz halogen regulated illuminator, which has been improved to produce a higher output with greater reliability, and is now RoHS compliant. It features DC-regulated output, fast lamp response, and a 0-5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjustment (8 bit D/A module available). The illuminator can be operated remotely and offers remote notification of lamp failure.

Made of stackable, heavy-duty steel housing with a mounting capability, the illuminator’s front panel can be accessed easily for fast lamp changes. Several options are available, including color filtering, manual iris—for intensity adjustment at a constant color temperature—and an analog or digital remote interface. The nose piece is compatible with all standard Dolan-Jenner fiber-optic configurations.

Dolan-Jenner Industries
(800) 626-8324


Platelet function centrifuge

Bio/Data Corp, Horsham, Pa, introduces the PDQ platelet function centrifuge. Designed to standardize platelet sample preparation, the product reduces process time to 5 minutes. Platelet-rich plasma is available in 30 seconds, platelet-poor plasma in 120 seconds, and platelet-free plasma in 180 seconds. Optimized for consistent sample quality, the three process cycles offer greater control and sample precision without measurable platelet activation. The PDQ has been validated for platelet function testing, and carries the CE mark for distribution in the European Union.

The centrifuge accepts evacuated specimen collection and aliquot tubes, and may be used as a companion to any light transmission aggregometer engaged in platelet function testing. The four- position, personal-size centrifuge is 7 inches in diameter, quiet, and vibration free. The primary purpose of the centrifuge is to centralize the sample preparation process adjacent to the platelet aggregometer for specimen control and greater time efficiency.

Bio/Data Corp
(800) 257-3282