This line of blood bank test racks is available in a variety of configurations. The BBTP/TS is the newest entry. It holds 12 patient specimens, and has enough spaces in a row to perform a front type and a back type with 2 spaces left for a DAT or 2 crossmatches. It also holds 6 gel cards in the front corner. The area behind the gel cards has been machined with 11 additional spaces, 3 to hold Ortho’s 0.8 percent Ab screening cells, 3 for labs mixing their own dilutions in test tubes, and 5 remaining spaces to hold additional equipment such as pens, scissors or pipettes.
     A 6-specimen rack is also available. It has 3 spaces to hold Ortho’s 0.8 percent screening cells, and 3 spaces to hold tubes for labs that dilute their own cell suspensions.
Westcott Laboratory Solutions
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