Undercounter Refridgerator

Optional drawers and rollout baskets

HELMER Inc, Noblesville, Ind, offers i.Series®, Horizon Series™, and Scientific Series™ undercounter refrigerators for the laboratory. The 5-cubic-foot units can be placed under the counter, used freestanding, and stacked. They feature temperature uniformity with quick recovery and a bacteria-resistant powder coating. The laboratory models include two shelves; drawers and rollout baskets are also available. Other options include an interior light, swivel casters, stainless steel interior/exterior, and a glass door. The i.Series and Horizon Series undercounter refrigerators’ exclusive Sure-Seal door design features self-closing doors, magnetic closure, field reversibility, and a key lock. i.Series models include the new door-mounted i.C3™ user interface with constant temperature monitoring and multiple information logs that can be downloaded. Horizon Series models offer a temperature controller with a built-in alarm. Scientific Series models offer temperature monitoring.

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Peristaltic Pump

Fills multiple bottles and vials

Fills multiple bottles and vialsThe NE-9000 Peristaltic Pump from New Era Pump Systems, Farmingdale, NY, accurately fills multiple bottles, vials, or other containers with a liquid. The pump offers learn-and-repeat functionality and increased productivity. It can be used in many settings, and can be integrated into existing production lines or can simply stand alone. The NE-9000 comes fully programmable and can be operated manually or with a PC through a RS-232 communication port. The flow rates vary from a minimum of .5 mL/h to a maximum of 1,250 mL/min.

New Era Pump Systems
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Strainer Bag

Sterile processing of tissue samples for primary cell preparation

Seward Ltd, Worthing, West Sussex, UK, has expanded the application range of its Strainer bags to include sterile processing of tissue samples for primary cell preparation. The Strainer bags are fully compatible with all laboratory paddle blenders, including Seward’s Stomacher® 80 Biomaster range. The 0.5-mm pore size of the integrated strainer element within the Seward Strainer bag generates a uniformly homogenous cell suspension. This allows the cells’ passage through the pores of the central straining matrix and prevents contamination with undigested extracellular material, which can block pipettes. The bag is produced to provide a sterile, secure environment for the preparation of single-cell suspensions.

Seward Ltd
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Optical Table Isolation System

Achieves low net vertical natural frequency

Achieves low net vertical natural frequencyKinetic Systems Inc, Boston, offers the low-natural-frequency optical table isolation support system. Due to its Minus K® negative-stiffness technology, the MK52 optical table isolation support system achieves low net vertical natural frequency without limiting its ability to support static loads. Horizontal isolation is provided by beam columns that are connected in series with the vertical-motion isolator. When adjusted to a ½-Hz natural frequency, the MK52 achieves 93% isolation efficiency at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz, and 99.7% at 10 Hz. Ultra-low natural frequencies, high internal structural frequencies, and vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies make the system well-suited to applications such as analytical balances, cell injection, confocal microscopes, patch clamping, optical microscopes, wafer probing, sensor calibration, and laser applications. The system is available in table sizes up to 4 x 8 feet with gross load capacities up to 2,000 pounds (909 Kg).

Kinetic Systems Inc
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