Hematology Products
Line includes controls, calibrators, linearity kits, and survey materials
R&D Systems manufactures a full line of hematology controls, calibrators, linearity kits, and survey materials for use in clinical laboratories. Products are assayed for all major hematology instruments, including those manufactured by Abbott Diagnostic Division, Horiba ABX, Bayer HealthCare LLC, Beckman Coulter, BD Biosciences, HemoCue Inc, and Sysmex Corp. The CBC-Monitor Interlaboratory Quality Control Program is available free of charge to all standing order customers. Data can be submitted to the program using a variety of methods, including a new online option.
R&D Systems
(800) 428-4246; www.RnDHeme.com


Benchtop Analyzer
Includes an integrated touch-screen workstation
Horiba ABX Diagnostics delivers a complete automation and intuitive interface with its benchtop analyzer. Features include an integrated touch-screen workstation, an intuitive user interface, a small sample size of 30 µL (CBC) and 53 µL (CBC + DIFF), a 10-rack/100-tube capacity at a rate of 80 samples per hour, and automatic rerun capabilities for abnormal samples. The system now includes preset automated dilutions for WBC and platelets, enhanced reagent management, and patient sample validation with delta checking built upon a Windows® XP platform. The company’s ABX technology removes the need for compressor, shear, and pinch valves.
Horiba ABX
(888) 903-5001; www.horiba-abx.com


Hematology Systems
For use in small, medium, or large hospitals
Abbott’s CELL–DYN® family offers hematology systems to meet the automation needs of a variety of labs in small, medium, and large hospitals that perform complete blood counts. Its products include the CELL-DYN 1700 and CELL-DYN 1800 analyzers, which are designed for small laboratories and offer speed, convenience, and low cost. Its CELL-DYN 3200 and CELL-DYN 3700 offer automated sample handling and comprehensive data management, which are ideal for medium- to high-volume labs. The CELL-DYN Sapphire™ is an automated, high-volume hematology instrument that performs analyses with enhanced technologies and offers monoclonal assay capabilities. In addition, the CELL-DYN SMS™ (Slide Maker Stainer) smears, labels, and stains up to 80 slides per hour, providing consistent blood films with low operator involvement. Abbott is also developing new additions to the CELL-DYN family, and expects to introduce the CELL-DYN Ruby™—a midvolume analyzer—later this year.
Abbott Diagnostics
(800) 323-9100; www.abbottdiagnostics.com


Serum-Free Light Chain Assays
For diagnosing multiple myeloma, light chain myeloma, and AL Amyloidosis
The Binding Site’s Freelite™ serum-free Kappa and Lambda assays are used as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma, light chain myeloma, and AL Amyloidosis. They offer advantages over current electrophoretic methods in that they are more sensitive, rapid, and fully automated. They can replace the need for urine assays and, in combination with SPE/CZE, can provide the optimal detection of B cell disorders. Additionally, they enable monitoring of intact, light chain myeloma, nonsecretory myeloma, and Amyloidosis patients during therapy, and provide an earlier marker of disease remission/therapeutic effectiveness compared to whole immunoglobulin/M spike assays. Individual kits for serum-free Kappa and Lambda assays are available on a wide range of laboratory analyzers.
The Binding Site
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