Hemo Bioscience Inc, Research Triangle Park, NC, has launched MQC-CAT, a ready-to-use quality control product for manual column agglutination technology (CAT) blood bank testing methods.

“We are pleased to add MQC-CAT to our portfolio of control products for the transfusion diagnostics market,” says Noel Brown, president of Hemo Bioscience. “This is a unique control product designed specifically for manual column agglutination technology testing methods. MQC-CAT demonstrates our aggressive product development.”

Validated for use in all manual CAT testing systems currently available in the United States, MQC-CAT includes both positive and negative red cells and sera to ensure that ABO and Rh(D) as well as antibody screening and identification reagents are performing as expected.

Shipping of MQC-CAT was scheduled to begin in mid December. Items on a standing order will be shipped every 5 weeks.

For more information, visit Hemo Bioscience.