Advanced Bioscience Laboratories Inc (ABL), Rockville, Md, has adopted the Cira platform by Aushon BioSystems, Billerica, Mass, for multiplex and ultrasensitive biomarker analysis. Effective immediately, ABL will offer this proprietary technology as an addition to its service offerings in support of pharmaceutical and clinical research clients.

Susan Vogt, Aushon BioSystems.

Susan Vogt, Aushon BioSystems.

“Adoption of the Cira platform by ABL represents another important step towards strong market adoption of our highly sensitive, multiplexing detection system for clinical applications,” says Susan Vogt, CEO of Aushon. “We’re very excited to be working with ABL and believe their adoption of the Cira platform supports our long-term product strategy and commitment to growing our clinical product portfolio.”



“Implementing Aushon’s Cira platform in our GCLP clinical laboratory enables us to look deeper at biomarkers of interest, previously found to be undetectable or inconsistently quantitated by other methods,” says Franck Lemiale, PharmD, PhD, senior director of immunobiology at ABL. “This opens exciting opportunities for ABL in evaluation of low-abundance proteins, especially in a restricted volume or dilute sample. Aushon’s sensitivity and nondestructive readout is particularly useful in exploring minute changes in cytokines and other soluble biomarkers to determine possible correlates of protection, inflammatory responses, and novel signaling pathways activated in various matrices.”

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