MedMira Inc has expanded its Multiplo product line with the addition of three new multiplex tests that deliver instant, simultaneous, single-cartridge results for syphilis (TP), HIV, and hepatitis C. The company showcased its full Multiplo line for the first time at the recent annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, in Chicago.

The new tests being added to the product range include Multiplo TP/nTP, which detects both active and historic syphilis infections; Multiplo TP/HIV/nTP; and Multiplo TP/HIV/HCV, which simultaneously detects syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis C.

The full Multiplo line is now available in international markets. Analysis of highly regulated markets, possibly including North America and Europe, is underway.

The new tests all deliver instant results for syphilis infection, a disease with an increasing global prevalence. Multiplo TP/nTP and Multiplo TP/HIV/nTP take testing a step further, providing comprehensive screening and confirmatory results for both present and past syphilis infections. Detecting the presence of both current and previous infections provides critical information to help healthcare providers determine the right course of treatment for their patients.


Kevin Jones, PhD

MedMira is a leading developer and manufacturer of vertical flow rapid diagnostics. The company’s tests provide hospitals, labs, clinics, and individuals with instant diagnosis for diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C in just three easy steps.

“The creativity and innovation powered by our patented rapid vertical-flow (RVF) technology is limitless,” says Kevin Jones, PhD, MedMira’s senior director for sales and marketing. “This expansion of our Multiplo product range is a prime example of how the technology enables new rapid tests to fast-track through discovery, design, and development to meet customer demands.”

Jones observes that the syphilis focus of the newly launched tests is in line with many public health initiatives on an international scale. “The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified syphilis as a serious global healthcare issue,” he notes.

WHO estimates that there are more than 12 million new cases of adult syphilis each year, with an additional 500,000 cases affecting infants through maternal transmission. It is the mission of WHO, and many other healthcare initiatives, to decrease transmission of HIV and syphilis from mothers to their children. With prenatal diagnosis using Multiplo rapid tests, says Jones, at-risk pregnancies can be identified within 2 minutes, greatly reducing the risk of mother-to-child HIV and syphilis transmission.

“Our Multiplo tests will prove invaluable in large-scale testing programs targeting multiple diseases, especially prenatal maternal initiatives,” says Jones. “Multiplo TP/HIV is currently under evaluation as part of the WHO prequalification program, and we look forward to working with them to bring our newest Multiplo tests to screening programs around the world.”

During the AACC meeting, MedMira also showcased its Multiplo TP/HIV and Multiplo HBc/HIV/HCV tests, which are slated for US launch in 2015, as well as its Reveal single marker rapid HIV test and Miriad research tools.

MedMira’s tests are sold in global markets under the Reveal, Multiplo, and Miriad brands. Based on its patented rapid vertical flow technology, MedMira’s rapid HIV test is the first such test to achieve regulatory approvals in Canada, the United States, China, and the European Union. MedMira’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For more information, visit MedMira.