CityHealth, a provider of urgent care and COVID testing solutions in the San Francisco Bay area, has launched a COVID testing solution for travelers. The RapidReturn Kit allows US-bound travelers to take a supervised rapid antigen test and receive travel-approved results from anywhere in the world.

Priced at just $75 per kit, each kit contains two tests. One kit per traveler is recommended, so travelers are prepared for flight delays or inconclusive results that require a second test. 

Specialists are on standby 24/7 to assist travelers, and certified results are sent securely via email and text message to patients within a few minutes of the test. 

“We’ve administered thousands of pre-travel tests in our capacity as a Trusted Testing Partner for numerous airlines. But we noticed that people lacked an easy testing option to get back to the United States,” says Sean Parkin, CityHealth CEO. “So we developed a CityHealth test they can take with them. The RapidReturn Kit is a fast, convenient, and affordable pre-travel test that travelers can take any time, from anywhere in the world, so they can get back home safely.” 

Travelers can purchase test kits before departure and pack them in carry-on or checked luggage. Then three days before a scheduled return flight to the U.S., travelers simply go online to activate their kit. Travelers will have a private telehealth visit to guide them through sample collection, testing, and result delivery. Specialists are standing by 24/7, and no appointment is necessary.

Each Kit contains instructions, a sterile swab, test strip, and testing solution. Travelers will need a wifi connection, a video-enabled device (such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet), and about 15 minutes for the test.

Certified results, approved for re-entry to the United States, are sent via a secure text message and email immediately after the test. Depending on their airline, travelers may be able to upload results to the airline’s booking app for a seamless check-in experience or present results on a mobile device to board their flight home. 

To learn more, visit CityHealth.