To more effectively recover large molecular weight proteins, such as blood factors and conjugated proteins or viruses and virus-like particles, Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Goettingen, Germany, has reconfigured its Sartobind membrane chromatography capsules. A range of capsule sizes with a 4 mm bed height is now available, from the 1 mL nano unit to a new 2.5 L version. The capsules’ upstream flow channels have been optimized, and an internal core forms a miniaturized downstream channel. The new Q, S, and salt-tolerant interaction chromatography (STIC) PA ion exchanger capsules, all with a 4 mm bed height, increase dynamic binding capacity by approximately 15% and reduce void volumes by approximately 40%, compared to their predecessors, while maintaining high flow rates of 10 to 30 membrane volumes per minute. Also available are new 400 mL and 800 mL Sartobind Q, S, and Phenyl capsules with an 8 mm bed height. For more information, visit Sartorius Stedim Biotech.