Porvair Sciences, Wrexham, UK, has released Microlute PLR, a new benchmark product for phospholipid removal. The 96-well microplate provides effective removal of phospholipids and proteins (greater than 99%), with higher levels of reproducibility from plasma and serum samples, while maintaining maximum recovery of target analytes.

Phospholipid-based matrix effects are a major source of variability and inaccuracy in bioanalytical mass spectrometry. Popular sample preparation techniques such as protein precipitation, dilute and shoot, or liquid-liquid extraction methods do not completely remove phospholipids. Microlute PLR ensures minimal enhancement or suppression of analyte response by truly eliminating the source of matrix effects and not just masking the problem.

Porvair Sciences phospholipid removal technology differs from conventional methods. Instead of a loose-filled base product, Microlute PLR is composed of a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores that allow biological fluids to flow smoothly and consistently throughout the active media. This proprietary feature overcomes common channeling and breakthrough issues by enhancing the flow of samples throughout the filter, thereby maximizing the recovery of analytes with unrivalled reproducibility and improving the overall performance of phospholipid removal.

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