At AACC booth 3653, ZenBio Inc, Research Triangle Park, NC, will highlight its recently debuted GroPro cell culture growth supplement, a ready-to-use human platelet lysate (HPL) formulation that can be used at the same supplementation percentages as fetal bovine serum (FBS) in traditional cultures. The supplement is the latest addition to the company’s GoPro portfolio of products, which enable culturing of primary cells and cell lines without concern for the transmission of bovine prions and potential xenogeneic reactions. HPL has proven to be a cost-effective substitute for FBS in cell culture growth medium, without the risk of xenogeneic infections or immune reactions. Current use of HPL in culture medium requires the addition of heparin to prevent alloimmune aggregation, which can create visible clots in the medium. The GroPro product line does not require the use of heparin, thereby minimizing negative downstream effects. The product is formulated to be used at normal FBS concentrations. For more information, visit ZenBio.