A new accessory set for Series C CO2 incubators from Binder Inc, Bohemia, NY, includes three copper shelves and a copper water pan. As the pan always contains water, and the shelves directly contact incubating cell culture vessels, they can pose contamination risk. Combined with Binder’s renowned 180° C hot-air sterilization cycle and humidity management, the new accessories provide an added level of contamination control.

Copper ions have a demonstrable biocidal effect and resist the growth of most contaminants. This eliminates a potential source of crosscontamination, should any culture medium spill on the shelves. Using copper for the water pan prevents contaminating growth in the humidification water. The copper equipment reduces the time and effort required for cleaning the incubator while further ensuring a high level of resistance to contamination.

Binder’s anticontamination design is characterized by several main features, including a 180° C hot-air sterilization program that provides a ‘biological reset’ for the chamber. Forced convection is not used in the unit interior, to avoid direct intrusion from airborne contaminants. The deep-drawn interior eliminates corners, edges, and fixtures, facilitating thorough cleaning and disinfection.

“Cell culture provides valuable information in biological research and the prevention of contamination is critical,” says Uwe Ross, president of Binder. “At Binder we put the full resources and technical expertise of our internationally regarded engineering team to work, ensuring high-level, reliable CO2 incubator performance.”

Series C CO2 incubators offer a 7° above ambient to 50° C temperature range. Saturated humidity is provided up to 95% without condensation. CO2 gas uniformity is maintained via a gas-mixing jet with venturi effect and monitoring via an infrared CO2 sensor. A tightly sealed inner door is made of tempered safety glass.

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