The CKX53 from Olympus Corp, Waltham, Mass, is a next-generation inverted microscope designed for efficient cell culture checking and documentation. The microscope’s advanced imaging capabilities and intuitive design aim to reduce operator fatigue and improve cell culture throughput. The CKX53 makes inspecting cell and tissue cultures more efficient with a combination of advanced optical and ergonomic features. The microscope offers a newly developed integrated phase contrast system that enables the operator to view samples at 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x, without exchanging or recentering the ring slit. Brightfield imaging is improved with a new energy-efficient LED light source that is brighter than earlier halogen bulb systems. In addition, the color temperature of the LEDs is optimized for cell culture observation to enhance color reproducibility when raising or lowering the brightness level. All controls are ergonomically located in the same area of the microscope for easy adjustments with minimal hand movement. The microscope is 20% lighter than previous models, so it can be moved as needed and placed on a sterile bench when aseptic conditions are required. For more information, visit Olympus.