Key Scientific Products Inc, Stamford, Texas, has introduced Identicult-Pro, a test kit that uses the biochemicals proline and indole to assist in the 5-minute identification of Clostridium difficile and other anaerobic bacteria from cultures. The kit is recommended for use in screening suspected C. difficile isolates for L-proline aminopeptidase activity and a lack of indole activity. Colonies tested should be 24–72 hours old. Enzymatic hydrolysis of L-proline-ß- naphthylamide releases free-ß naphthylamine, which is shown by the color change after adding PEP reagent. A negative test indicates the organism cannot be C. difficile. The test is also of value when used with other tests in the speciation of many anaerobes and other organisms such as enterics. For more information, visit Key Scientific Products.