Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc (PGDx), Baltimore, Md, has entered into an agreement with Illumina Inc, San Diego, to develop two in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits for use on Illumina’s next-generation sequencing instruments, including kits for the detection and characterization of tumor DNA using both tissue and plasma samples.

Doug Ward, Personal Genome Diagnostics.

Doug Ward, Personal Genome Diagnostics.

“PGDx currently offers advanced genomic testing services to researchers, drug developers, physicians, and patients through our CLIA-certified laboratory,” says Doug Ward, CEO of PGDx. “We now want to apply our expertise to the development of IVD test kits for both tissue and plasma-based samples that will enable other laboratories with next-generation sequencing capability to benefit from our broad experience in cancer genomic testing.”

“Illumina welcomes the opportunity to work with a diverse set of leading collaborators, such as PGDx, to ensure that patients have access to the IVD tests that best address their needs,” says John Leite, PhD, vice president of market development and product marketing for oncology at Illumina. “PGDx is a well-known pioneer in cancer genomics with deep roots in academic medicine.”

PGDx offers a portfolio of cancer genome analysis tools, including exome and targeted approaches for tissue specimens, targeted approaches for plasma samples, and a variety of custom tissue and plasma-based options designed to address the specific research needs of cancer researchers and drug developers.

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