Porvair Sciences, Norfolk, UK, has released a special version of its popular Homogeniser Spin Column optimized for RNA extraction from buccal swabs. A large number of current covid-19 diagnostic tests rely on detection of viral RNA from buccal swabs by PCR. The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column from Porvair Sciences has been adapted to routinely improve yield and quality of viral RNA from nasal and throat swab samples. Using the Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column increases RNA yield compared to alternative shredding columns or if no homogenisation is undertaken. The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column provides faster homogenization compared to traditional methods using syringe and needles, with reduced waste and minimal loss of sample. Every RNA extraction undertaken has its own column, eliminating sample cross-contamination and the possibility of false positive diagnosis.

The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column is compatible with all manual RNA extraction procedures including the Qiagen RNeasy and Invitrogen RNA link extraction kits. For more information, visit Porvair