Virax Biolabs, a biotechnology company focused on the detection of immune responses and diagnosis of viral diseases, announced a strategic collaboration with the University of Manchester and the Northern Care Alliance Foundation Trust, who have worked together to deliver translational immunology research for respiratory viral infections. This collaboration aims to apply the ViraxImmune IVD platform to broaden the understanding of T-Cell immune response in COVID patients in the ImRESP (Immunology of Respiratory Conditions) study.

As part of the ImRESP clinical study, the ViraxImmune T-Cell assay will be assessed in respiratory disease patients where the role of memory T-cell driven immunity will be evaluated. Furthermore, within the ImRESP clinical study, the T-cell assay will be assessed in a distinct cohort of patients experiencing Long COVID symptoms. This segment of the study will involve the longitudinal assessment of samples, aiming to discern specific phenotypic T-cell profiles associated with these individuals.

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“Our valued research collaboration with University of Manchester is instrumental in generating impactful data on T-cell-driven immunity’s role in symptoms linked to T-cell exhaustion and chronic inflammation following post-viral exposure,” says James Foster, CEO at Virax Biolabs, “The data generated as part of this collaboration will be used in the ongoing development of our In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) test for Long COVID to help with the early detection and treatment management of these individuals”.

This collaboration underscores Virax Biolabs’ commitment to advancing diagnostic capabilities and understanding immune responses, particularly in post-viral syndromes and conditions associated with chronic inflammation. The collaboration with the University of Manchester represents a significant step toward developing innovative solutions for diagnosing and managing post-viral syndromes.

“Disordered inflammation is likely to be central issue for many people diagnosed with long COVID. This study will help to identify and characterize this subset of patients which is the first step towards rationalizing future therapies,” says Sean Knight, PhD, chief investigator for the ImRESP study.

ImRESP is an observational study sponsored by the Northern Care Alliance Foundation Trust in the UK and has been designed to evaluate the long term effects of respiratory infections on the immune system in many different contexts including long COVID and progression of chronic lung disease.