To support the urgent need for lab testing during the covid-19 global pandemic, Biotecon Diagnostics, Potsdam, Germany, has moved up the launch of its Foodproof Magnetic Preparation kit VI, which enables lab specialists to perform rapid, sensitive, and reliable RNA and DNA extraction from an array of different viruses.

“Due to current events and the increasing bottlenecks in virus extraction diagnostics, we’d like to draw attention to our extraction solution, which we are now making available to all testing labs in need,” says Alois Schneiderbauer, CBO of Biotecon Diagnostics. “Our kit, which has been optimized and validated with a wide range of viruses, including the coronaviridae family, is currently being evaluated for CoV-19 detection at various coronavirus testing laboratories.

The Foodproof Magnetic Preparation kit VI is based on magnetic bead technology, in which full sample preparation with lysis, extraction, and purification is carried out automatically. The key pathogen components are bound to magnetic particles and passed through various washing steps. Time-consuming manual steps such as external sample preparation, which could also pose a risk of contamination, are no longer necessary due to the integrated enzymatic lysis. The highly purified RNA or DNA is eluted in an appropriate elution buffer, and is then ready to be used in PCR detection kits. The kit contains all required reagents, including enzyme, buffer, and carrier tRNA for the lysis step, as well as the magnetic beads to carry out extraction from complex matrices.

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