WaferGen BioSystems, Fremont, Calif, has signed a supply agreement with BloodCenter of Wisconsin (BCW), Milwaukee, to provide its SmartChip real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to support the center’s high-throughput molecular red cell antigen typing of blood donors.

Prior to this agreement, BCW gained international recognition in the field of blood group genotyping, having developed the capacity to perform high-throughput molecular typing. The agreement with WaferGen will accelerate BCW’s goal of expanding the availability of specialty blood products and services across Versiti, an affiliation of four separate blood centers.

The SmartChip real-time PCR system is a flexible, high-throughput, nanoliter-scaled molecular analysis platform consisting of both instrumentation and consumable panels designed by the customer to specific applications. Through the implementation of this system, BCW will have the ability to cost effectively evaluate hundreds of samples per day against a panel of clinically important red blood cell surface antigens.

“BCW continuously strives to deliver the most efficacious solutions to improve donor safety and patient health,” says Ilke Panzer, senior vice president of diagnostic laboratories at BCW. “Pairing our scientific and medical expertise with the SmartChip technology offers a synergy that improves our ability to identify and provide the best matched blood for unique patient needs, especially those with rare and uncommon blood types.”

Rollie Carlson, WaferGen Bio-systems.

Rollie Carlson, WaferGen Bio-systems.

“We look forward to supporting BCW in their efforts to provide innovative life-saving blood services and products,” says Rollie Carlson, CEO of WaferGen BioSystems. “BCW is renowned for being on the forefront of transfusion medicine, and we are excited that our SmartChip real-time PCR solutions will enable them to continue pursuing important medical advancements aimed at enhancing patient care.”

For more information, visit BCW or WaferGen BioSystems.