The Maverick series portable qPCR instruments, from Anitoa Systems, Menlo Park, Calif, has received a CE-IVD Mark. Maverick was designed with technology innovations from Anitoa, including a unique proprietary low-light sensitive, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) 4-channel fluorescence optics system that allows fast and highly multiplexed DNA detection without the need for field calibration, while reducing cost and footprint. Maverick is further enhanced with a cloud-based software that is seamlessly connected to the internet and enables cloud data storage and retrieval, another key requirement for deployment of portable instruments.

Applications for Maverick include near-patient in vitro diagnostics, food, agriculture and environment testing, forensics, and basic biological research. Anitoa has previously demonstrated Maverick technology in detecting several types of pathogen DNA and RNA strands, such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV, African Swine Flu, Influenza A and B, and SARS-CoV-2 (which causes covid-19). Maverick has been shown to achieve reliable detection of only 3 copies pathogen molecule DNA per sample with over 10 orders of magnitude in dynamic range.

“We are excited to now offer laboratories in the EU and other international markets a portable solution for rapid and on-site nucleic acid to help combat diseases such as covid-19,” says Zhimin Ding, PhD, CEO of Anitoa Systems. “We believe our portable qPCR instruments and its associated SW solutions offer features that uniquely meet the needs of the EU and other international markets through the highly sensitive detection of key life-threatening pathogens while being extremely cost effective.”

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Featured image: Anitoa Maverick Portable Real Time PCR (Courtesy: Anitoa)