tf01.JPG (9443 bytes)    K2 EDTA gel tubes for molecular diagnostics and viral load testing are a single-use tube system for collection of whole blood and the separation of plasma. They are designed for use in molecular diagnostic test methods such as PCR, or other nucleic acid test procedures where an undiluted plasma specimen is required.
     The gel forms a stable barrier between the plasma and the cellular components, allowing for transportation of the tube without removal of the plasma. The closed evacuated system substantially reduces the possibility of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
     K2 EDTA tubes contain a readily soluble dry powder coating with a concentration of 1.8 mg EDTA per 1 ml of blood that binds calcium ions.
     They are available as 13 x 100 mm tubes in a 5 ml collection size with a Vacuette Safety Screw Cap to minimize aerosol generation.
Greiner bio-one Vacuette
Keywords: molecular diagnostics, safety, blood collection