CombiMatrix Corp, a molecular diagnostics company based in Irvine, Calif, that specializes in DNA-based testing services for pre- and postnatal developmental disorders, has launched its Targeted Array for Prenatal Analysis.

The test is designed to provide microarray analysis for the detection of clinically relevant microdeletion and microduplication disorders, while limiting the risk of identifying a variant of uncertain significance on chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis samples.

“Feedback from genetic counselors and maternal-fetal medicine specialists that utilize our prenatal diagnostic tests has been incredibly positive,” says Mark McDonough, president and chief executive officer of CombiMatrix. “However, these tests provide a significant amount of information. Genetic counselors have requested a test option that focuses on the chromosomal abnormalities that are clinically meaningful to their practices so that they can more efficiently communicate the results and recommended next steps to their patients, and this array offers this advantage.”

The company will begin accepting samples for the test effective immediately.

“This launch enables CombiMatrix to continue to build momentum and position ourselves as a leader in the prenatal diagnostic testing market,” McDonough adds. “As a high-touch laboratory focused on the needs of our customers, we have responded to the requests of clinicians to offer this targeted approach in our continuous effort to be their best partner in patient care.”

For more information, visit CombiMatrix Corp.