Tecan and Element Biosciences, the developer of a DNA sequencing platform, are collaborating to offer an improved benchtop NGS workflow with MagicPrep NGS* and the AVITI System.

The collaboration will bring together Tecan’s automation experience and Element Biosciences’ sequencing technologies, employing proprietary chemistries from both companies to deliver a new hands-free NGS solution for a benchtop set-up.

­“We are excited to be working with Element Biosciences, using our complementary expertise to bring automated library preparation to even more researchers,” says Klaus Lun, PhD, executive VP and head of the Life Sciences Division at Tecan. “This partnership will allow customers from both our companies to take advantage of hands-free library preparation with the MagicPrep NGS system and reap the benefits it offers for low throughput applications.”

MagicPrep NGS draws on Tecan’s experience in robust liquid handling and NGS to deliver plug and play, walkway preparation of NGS libraries. This solution is designed to fit with Element Biosciences’ AVITI benchtop sequencer, and the collaboration will allow direct conversion of libraries on the MagicPrep NGS—without amplification and with no reduction in quality1—using the Adept Library Compatibility Kit v1.1.

“The Element AVITI System generates high quality data across all sequencing metrics when combined with Tecan’s MagicPrep NGS,” says Matthew Kellinger, PhD, VP of Biochemistry and co-founder, Element Biosciences. “This provides a powerful combination of automated convenience with AVITI’s industry-leading performance and operating cost.”


1.Matt Kellinger, Ben Krajacich, Vivian Den, Andrew Altomare, Dat Mai, Thomas Sandell, Justin Lin, Ashesh Saraiya. MagicPrep™ NGS Automated Library Preparation for Sequencing on the Element AVITI™ System. Presented at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) annual meeting, February 6-9, 2023.

* For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.