Stilla Technologies, Paris, just introduced a dedicated digital PCR Mix reagent line for optimal performance with Crystal Digital PCR: the Naica multiplex PCR Mix and the Naica PCR Mix. These new reagents are ready-to-use solutions optimized for performance and robustness for digital PCR applications. The reagents are available at both 5x and 10x concentrations, making these PCR mastermixes the highest concentrated for digital PCR applications. These highly concentrated PCR mastermixes maximize the sensitivity of customers’ assays by increasing sample uptake and by lowering the assay’s limit of detection.

Stilla Technologies also announced its partnership with ID-Solutions to directly commercialize the Identify kit line, thereby providing a range of ready-to-use oncology kits for detecting multiplexed mutation panels using the Naica system. With this partnership, the two companies aim to offer standard operating procedures and diagnostic tools to meet the urgent clinical needs for highly sensitive and easy-to-use workflows in oncological applications.

“We are very excited to add these new product lines to our portfolio,” says Rémi Dangla, cofounder and CEO of Stilla Technologies. “The Naica PCR Mix is the cornerstone of our strategy towards full solutions for digital PCR on the Naica system. It’s built for performance and enables robust application development on our platform. The Identify kit line is the first of such full solutions for oncology applications, demonstrating the power of our multiplexing approach to digital PCR.”

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[1] ID-Solutions is a French company that offers an innovative, reliable and standardized tool for research and development in oncology diagnostics on circulating cell-free DNA from liquid biopsies and tumor DNA from solid biopsies.