In Booth 2945, Copan Diagnostics Inc, Murrieta, Calif, will introduce FecalSwab, a sampling kit that comprises a flocked swab and a screw cap tube containing 2 mL of Cary-Blair medium. Because of its high pH, Cary-Blair is the medium of choice for transport and preservation of enteric bacteria. Intended for the collection of rectal swabs and fecal specimens, FecalSwab preserves the viability of enteric pathogenic bacteria during transport from the collection site to the testing laboratory. Using the flocked swab, a small sample of feces can be transferred into the tube by medical staff after the patient has provided the sample or by a technologist after the fecal specimen has been received in the laboratory. Alternatively, FecalSwab can be used to take a rectal sample directly from the patient. The kit converts solid or semi-solid fecal specimens into a phase suitable for fully automatic specimen processors, in space-saving, instrument-ready tubes. The compact system serves as an alternative to traditional large, bulky transport containers, which collect a quantity far greater than needed for culture or molecular testing. For more information, visit Copan Diagnostics.