Orchard Software has partnered with Emerus Holdings Inc. for implementation of its Orchard Point-of-Care software solution. Emerus, an operator of small-format neighborhood hospitals, will leverage Orchard Point-of-Care’s high level of configurability to support its unique and diverse point-of-care testing (POCT) program. Emerus has successfully deployed Orchard Point-of-Care testing solution in their eight Dallas-Fort Worth hospitals, with plans to continue implementation in the remaining testing hospitals in San Antonio, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. With Orchard Point-of-Care, Emerus can standardize POCT activities, employ POCT tools for diverse workflows, and ensure data privacy and connectivity for their proactive patient care model.

“We are excited to work with Emerus and be a part of their innovative, proactive patient care services,” says Billie Whitehurst, CEO of Orchard Software. “With Orchard Point-of-Care, Emerus can continue to grow its services and achieve its mission of providing quality care to the communities that need it most.”

Emerus chose to partner with Orchard after a thorough laboratory information system (LIS) search.

“As we grow our network of neighborhood hospitals, we need a robust LIS that is scalable and sustainable for our unique needs,” said Shannon Gabrysch, Vice President of Support Services. “Orchard’s customer-friendly software streamlines laboratory services with increased efficiency, enhanced reporting, and built-in quality control functions that enable us to improve patient outcomes.”