EKF Diagnostics launched its EKF Link digital connectivity solution for the secure management of point-of-care (POC) analyzers and associated data on one centralized platform.

The EKF Link middleware solution can be interfaced to all vendors’ POC analyzers, including EKF’s own portfolio, to enable real-time remote management of data, such as patient test results, QC results, operator management and analyzer configuration, the company says.

EKF’s portfolio of POC diagnostic devices include Hemo Control and DiaSpect Tm hemoglobin analyzer ranges, as well as Quo-Lab and Quo-Test HbA1c analyzers. All of these can now be digitally connected from anywhere and securely accessed remotely at any time using EKF Link, thereby enhancing their capabilities.

EKF Link is a downloadable software package that allows POC analyzers to connect to a hospital or laboratory’s IT system, enabling data transfer from these remote analyzers for subsequent processing. This provides hospitals, laboratories, and clinicians with the functionality to manage and evaluate their patient and operator data easily and securely.

EKF Link can be successfully implemented in multiple situations wherever POC analyzers are deployed. For example, in addition to hospitals and laboratories, the flexible connectivity solution can also be used effectively in doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies and blood banks.

Connecting POC analyzers via EKF Link enhances their functionality. As it can network multiple analyzers, EKF Link provides the functionality for the remote configuration and status checking of them all from one central location. The solution allows remote operators to capture patient information, perform a QC test, lock-out unauthorized users, and transfer information directly into the LIMS.

“We designed EKF Link working together with hospital POC managers to ensure that our new middleware connectivity solution would meet their specific needs for a single, comprehensive and flexible platform to centrally manage all of their POC analyzers plus data generated,” says Jo Nicol, head of IT Solutions, EKF Diagnostics. “Our new EKF Link software delivers this essential digital connectivity with traceability that is increasingly required for safe, secure and effective POC testing using analyzers in many differing locations.”

Photo: EKF Diagnostics