Spot RT3 Slider

Switches from color to quantitative monochrome instantly

The Spot RT3 Slider digital camera system from Diagnostic Instruments, Sterling Heights, Mich, combines high performance and FireWire connectivity. The system boasts improved optical color rendering, particularly when used with Spot Imaging software featuring Correct Color Technology/ICC color profiling. The performance of the RT3 Slider, along with the built-in flexibility of both color and monochrome imaging in one camera, makes this a good camera for core laboratory imaging needs. Switching from color mode to quantitative monochrome mode is as easy as sliding a lever. Low-read noise combined with the deep pixel wells of its Kodak KAI 2020 CCD make this a sensitive imaging system. With effective differential cooling of –43°C and improved CCD sensor design, dark current has been reduced under 0.003 e/p/s, which means it also works well for fluorescence imaging.

Diagnostic Instruments Inc
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Talboys Dry Block Heaters

Available in digital and analog versions

For over 40 years, Troemner, Thorofare, NJ, has been in the business of providing laboratory equipment. Its newest addition to its product line is Talboys Dry Block Heaters. These units are designed to heat various sample types in aluminum blocks. The company has a large selection of modular aluminum heating blocks available, as well as stainless steel sand baths for irregular vessels and low-temperature covers for additional temperature stability. Heaters are available in both digital and analog versions— the digital unit comes equipped with microprocessor controls for superior temperature uniformity, timer with audible alarm, and heats from ambient to 120°C. The analog unit has 2 temperature adjustment knobs that control low and high temperature, and heats from ambient to 150°C. Both digital and analog units can accommodate 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 modular blocks, and come with a 2-year warranty.

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