productThe Paros CRP compact, benchtop point-of-care analyzer quantifies CRP in an 8 ml sample of whole blood or serum in less than five minutes. Its latex immunoturbidometry methodology performs with a linearity range of 0.2-10 mg/dl for whole blood, and 0.2-7 mg/dl for serum.
     The ability to measure CRP in whole blood eliminates the need for sample centrifugation or transportation and yields results in 4 minutes and 20 seconds for each screening performed. Operating the analyzer is simple and intuitive and results correlate well with the central laboratory.
     This single parameter analyzer can be connected via this company’s HemaLink multi-analyzer data management system to any of its hematology analyzers. Both instruments would use a sample from the same tube.
     This point-of-care CRP test is designed to screen for the presence of significant inflammation, as an aid in early patient management decisions.
ABX Diagnostics 
Keywords: point of care, CRP