The Model 853VES, Plasmafuge-12 is one of three new performance-series centrifuges introduced this month by The Drucker Co. The Plasmafuge-12 is a high-speed horizontal centrifuge capable of processing twelve 10 mL test tubes. With the optional performance rotor, the high separation force of the Plasmafuge-12 produces platelet-poor plasma in as few as 5 minutes (5,000 RPM, 3,800 xg).

The Plasmafuge-12 comes standard with a number of features designed to enable the operator to easily control the centrifuge cycle. Scrollable time and speed displays allow the operator to easily make adjustments. The speed control allows the speed to be set by RPM or force (RCF xg). An audible end-of-run indicator signals when the run is complete. Settings can be stored in one of ten memory locations.

For safety, the Plasmafuge-12 features an impenetrable transparent lid and a welded steel rotation chamber. A “0” RPM lid safety interlock system prevents entry into the rotation chamber while the rotor is spinning. The Plasmafuge-12 comes complete with a horizontal rotor, 12 tube holders for samples up to 17 mm x 100 mm, and 12 tube holders for samples up to 17 mm x 75 mm.

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