Medical diagnostic testing company Total Testing Solutions (TTS) has announced a partnership with OmniPathology to offer oral HPV testing in Los Angeles and is now available at the West LA TTS site. Additional TTS locations will begin offering the service in the coming weeks.

Typically, women have more access to professional HPV testing options, and while there are a handful of home test kits for men, user errors and inaccurate results are common concerns. The testing process for women can also take multiple visits and is only available to those with access to gynecological care. A huge subset of the population has been unable to get tested for HPV.

With OmniPathology tests at TTS, anyone can be tested, regardless of age or gender. Their throat swab technique provides convenient, accurate results with quick turnaround times and does not require health insurance or approval.

The oral HPV test detects 14 high-risk strains of HPV. It is performed via a quick throat swab by a technician at TTS and then submitted to OmniPathology for testing. OmniPathology’s team of pathologists then analyze the results.

Results are sent back in days, expediting the diagnostic process, and helping slow the spread. Patients who test positive are advised to undergo a thorough examination by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor, and may require close follow-up. Detection and removal of early oral and oropharyngeal premalignant lesions can help significantly reduce the risk of progression to cancer.

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with OmniPathology to add HPV testing to our offerings at TTS,” says Lauren Trenkle, CEO of Total Testing Solutions. “Their state-of-the-art testing is helping us to make all medical testing more accessible to the masses.”

Total Testing Solutions has been offering a range of innovative testing solutions over the past two years to provide access to easy and accurate testing for COVID-19 and beyond.

“We are extremely excited about collaborating with Total Testing Solutions to offer our oropharyngeal HPV PCR test. As a leading testing organization, TTS continues to provide valuable services to our Los Angeles community. OmniPathology considers TTS a perfect partner in making our Oral HPV PCR test available to the public,” says Mohammad Kamal, MD Founder and CEO of OmniPathology.