Proscia has partnered with DoMore Diagnostics, a provider of deep-learning precision diagnostics for digital pathology, to help pathologists predict outcomes for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients.

The collaboration paves the way for integrating artificial intelligence (AI)-powered clinical decision support into routine pathology workflows, unlocking new insights that can guide increasingly precise treatment decisions and ensure patients receive optimal care.

CRC is the third most common and second most deadly cancer worldwide, according to the company. While adjuvant chemotherapy may be provided after primary surgery to prevent the disease from recurring, predicting when it will lead to overtreatment can be challenging. Up to 90% of patients with stage II and stage III cases do not realize any benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy and only suffer side effects.

The partnership paves the way for delivering an integrated solution that combines DoMore Diagnostics’ CE-IVDD marked Histotype Px® Colorectal* digital biomarker with Proscia’s CE-IVDR marked Concentriq Dx** enterprise pathology platform. Data previously published in The Lancet and Lancet Oncology demonstrated that Histotype Px Colorectal can successfully predict outcomes for stage II and stage III CRC patients. Combined with tumor and lymph node status, the test report provides information about patients’ risk profile and five-year cancer-specific survival to inform the decision to use adjuvant chemotherapy.

“We have proven that Histotype Px Colorectal can offer valuable insight to guide personalized treatment decisions and help improve patient outcomes,” says Torbjørn Furuseth, MD, CEO and co-founder of DoMore Diagnostics. “We must now continue to integrate the algorithm into pathologists’ routine operations for it to make the greatest impact. As leading laboratories are increasingly turning to Proscia, our partnership paves the way for accelerating its adoption.”

Concentriq Dx is an enterprise pathology platform that drives primary diagnostic workflows for reference laboratories, hospitals, and health systems of all sizes. It offers a user experience that allows pathologists to quickly transition away from the microscope and work with speed and ease. An open platform, Concentriq Dx is designed to integrate AI applications from Proscia, Proscia’s customers, and leading third parties, including DoMore Diagnostics, into routine workflows so that laboratories can realize the full promise of pathology’s computational future at scale.

“Laboratories are increasingly demanding an open approach to digital pathology,” says Stephan Fromme, Proscia’s head of strategic alliances. “They recognize that unlocking more utility for pathologists and patients means tapping into the collective power of a growing number of solutions. We look forward to adding Histotype Px Colorectal to our ecosystem to help our users make increasingly personalized diagnoses that can ultimately reduce overtreatment for more patients.”

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*Histotype Px is CE-marked under IVDD. For Research Use only outside the EU.

**Concentriq Dx is CE-marked under IVDR.