HPV (human papillomavirus) testing along with a Pap test is emerging as the standard of care for cervical cancer screening. The Digene High-Risk HPV Test is approved for routine cervical cancer screening in conjunction with a Pap test for women 30 and older. Digene technology allows rapid, standardized testing in virtually any laboratory setting with increased productivity, performance, and simplicity. Studies have shown that clinical sensitivity for high-grade cervical disease and cancer can be as high as 100% when Digene’s test is combined with a Pap test. To assist with rising HPV testing volumes, Digene’s Rapid Capture System enables high-throughput HPV testing that reduces labor, increases sample throughput, and improves testing capacity.
     Digene’s advanced Hybrid Capture®2 (hc2) molecular technology allows DNA-based tests to screen for the oncogenic strains of this virus. Since its approval for ASC-US reflex testing in 2000 and approval for primary adjunctive screening in 2003, physicians have frequently ordered the Digene High-Risk HPV Test.
     Digene’s hc2 technology offers laboratories a number of benefits including same-day objective results in microplate format without the complexity of target amplified technologies. The user-friendly technique promotes consistent and reproducible results. In addition, the Digene High-Risk HPV Test requires minimal specimen preparation and protects against cross-contamination problems that are consistent with many target amplification assays.

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